Nick has unequivocally demonstrated that he is an outstanding photographer. I have hired him for projects, both professional and personally, and he has shown he is an extremely talented technical and conceptual artist. His images are meticulously created and edited, but what really sets him apart is his ability to create concept driven images. He can easily tell a story with his editorial work. My experience with him has been extremely inventive and rewarding. As a fellow visual person, I cannot recommend him highly enough for his passionate creativity and technical skills. To say I am extremely happy with his work would be a gross understatement.
April 21, 2012

- Jim Dore, Designer

"There is honestly not enough I can say about his work. He has great knowledge of the fine arts, impeccable attention to detail and an exquisite eye for beauty, which all make him one of the best photographers in my book. From start to finish, Nick has a very professional approach at providing his services and an amazing passion for photography. He truly cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to show them. He makes sure the environment is as comfortable as possible. In the many lines of photographing you see all kinds of different work. The classic 1980's, "everybody stand shoulder to shoulder and cheesy smile" type photographer, the photographer that is uptight with a touch of snobby, and definitely feels that their work trumps every others. But once in a great while you run into photographers like Nick. Nick's style is photo journalistic, personal and fun! He knows how to catch real emotion and beauty. EXTREME TALENT are the words that I can describe Nick's work ! as. Every photo I have seen of NM Photography has left me speechless and a huge smile on my face. I definitely recommend that you give it a shot. You will not be let down I promise. Thank you once again NM Photography."
September 13, 2011

- Sarah Koch

“I hired Nick for a professional photo shoot for images to be utilized in marketing materials associated with my real estate business. Nick came to my location at Lake of the Ozarks where he artfully set up various sets in my own home. I was extremely impressed with his technical knowledge of natural and direct light within those sets and how that would affect the images. Nick took approximately 500 photos of which I continue to use 10 of those images on a consistent basis to promote my real estate business. His pricing for the photo shoot was very competitive and his easy demeanor to work with was exceptional. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone who is seeking a photographer for a personal photo shoot and additionally after seeing his entire portfolio, I was also impressed with his interpretive photography. In summary, Nick is a skilled photographer with a passion for his profession that comes through in each of his photos.”
July 1, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
- Lora Elliott, Realtor

“I have known Nick since 2006, when he was my photography student at the University of Central Missouri. Over the past few years I have watched Nick's photographic skills and creative ideas grow and excel. His photographic interests lie in the editorial and advertising and he has great retouching and post-production skills. I gladly give my recommendation for hiring Nick for your photographic needs.” February 12, 2010

-Terry Ownby, PhD, Assistant Professor of Photography, UCM

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